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Antihomosexuellen-Gesetz in Uganda

Ugandas Präsident Museveni hatte im Februar ein Gesetz gegen Homosexuelle in Kraft gesetzt, das für großen Aufruhr sorgte – zu Recht. Und die Pressemeldung zu dieser Gesetzesentscheidung, herausgegeben vom Uganda Tourism Board, klingt nicht wirklich beruhigend... Lesen Sie selbst:

Uganda Tourism Board’s Position on the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014

Uganda received over 1.1 million international tourists in 2012 from around the world. Ugandans are well-known to be happy, welcoming and hospitable people.
UTB wishes to clarify that Uganda is a non xenophobic country; all people are welcome to the Pearl of Africa.
The controversy currently surrounding the Anti homosexuality act 2014 is exaggerated and UTB wishes to categorically clarify as follows:

1. No gay person will be killed in Uganda. Uganda is a peaceful country and guarantees safety for all. Kampala, Uganda’s capital city was recently voted the safest city in Africa. Uganda is among the 34 out of 54 African countries in which same-sex marriage is illegal.

2. The law does not seek to sentence or kill homosexuals but that it charges anybody promoting and involved in aggravated homosexuality including sex with a minor and or while HIV positive .

3. That the law was based on the majority support for it in the Parliament of Uganda and the majority ordinary Ugandans whose cultural and religious beliefs are not agreeable to some habits such as homosexuality. 

4. The government therefore has the mandate to observe majority interests, convictions and beliefs of its people which is in actual sense practicing democracy and consequently reaffirming that Uganda is indeed a democratic nation.

However, Uganda is a very hospitable, friendly, warm and loving country of diverse culture, religion and beliefs which welcomes all visitors of all backgrounds regardless of their sexual orientation, beliefs and skin color. We therefore wish to assure all visitors and tourists to and within Uganda, that Uganda is not xenophobic and is safe to visit anytime.